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Trustwork is a platform for finding work or getting things done. Here are some of the groups that you can join:

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Shawn Needham

“Altura was the first place I lived in Austin. The office staff made the move-in process extremely easy and the staff as a whole always greeted me with a smile. Through Trustwork, I was able to connect with a couple of my neighbors and organize a workout group that now meets every Saturday.”

Shawn Needham
Annie Polo

“South Shore has offered a great resident experience! The community board inside Trustwork has allowed me to stay up-to-date with all the different events that are going on in the community. It even connected me with a neighbor who was willing to do some handyman work for me!”

Annie Polo
Connor Mitchell

“Living at South Shore is great because I was able to get to know the very friendly office staff and tons of my neighbors. We all connected via Trustwork and helped each other out with simple tasks while we were at work. I would even get my laundry done by my next door neighbor!”

Connor Mitchell